Dry Sensor Monitor- Anti Tamper

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Dry Sensor Monitor- Anti Tamper

The anti tamper care alarm monitor is designed to be used in conjunction with there floor mats and bed mats/pads. This is a multi-function fall management alarm which can used with magnetic switch, floor sensor mat and bed/chair sensor mat. The alarm will sound when a resident leaves their bed/chair or steps on the floor mat or when the magnetic switch is detached (when magnetic switch is in use). This care alarm can only be reset by either a reset key or an infared (IR) remote control. This eliminates the risk of the alarm being turned off by the resident. It can connect and alarm through your current nurse call system. There are two alarm sounds and a low or high volume setting. Alternatively, this alarm sound can be put on silent mode to be used with your nurse call system. Warranty: 12 months.
Includes Mounting base and hanger, infrared remote control, east clean pull cord
Dual power: Battery operated 4x AA (not included) or optional AC Adapter

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