Long Range Care Station - Wireless

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Long Range Care Station - Wireless

Code 2501. Long Range Care Station

The long range call system can be enhanced with a range of optional devices. These devices include the versatile, multi-level alarm combo call point, and the waterproof call point for wet areas. The LRCS can be as large or as small as need be with a capacity of up to 10 care stations and 48 zone protecktors and up to 64 call points per zone protecktors. The system can be as simpler as a client wants or as comprehensive as they desire, all depending on the needs of the institution.

Simple operation and maintenance. Automatic "read in" programming procedure for transmitters. Automatic "out of range" (OORC) checking for transmitters.

Now the DoorAlert Wandering resident system becomes a simple plug in and play option to LRCS and provides an effective wandering resident system. A service that would have previously entailed a long installation.

Staff can easily monitor these systems using a variety of displays and devices, including the wireless LRCS Care Station, wireless and audible/ visual over-door indicators , and notifications on mobile phones and pagers. Facilities can choose to upgrade to a graphical front end interface with the benefits of database information and reporting.

Quick and easy installation to new and existing facilities.

Works with Fall Alert Bed/Chair pads, Floor mats and staff alert wireless duress.

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